TEMPCOMPLY™ Studio is the design tool for workflow, data and AI analysis, and content management to automatically generate smartphone and smartwatch applications with your branding. TEMPCOMPLY™ Studio is ideal for configuration management and deployment of our system to create your TEMPCOMPLY™ experience and assist in integrating TEMPCOMPLY™ into your existing back-end database management system.  Not only does it create great looking and ergonomic applications, it also creates API stub code for 30+ programming languages on demand for long term use.  Make a change in TEMPCOMPLY™ Studio and watch as it automatically rebuilds the API, smartphone and smart watch applications, and updates the AI report algorithms for quick workflow.  This makes creating complex workflow alerts, reports, and email content, and managing thermography data easy for IT staff, while putting the power of the TEMPCOMPLY™ platform in your operations quickly.

TEMPCOMPLY™ thermal imaging software for AG-science professionals is ideal for Research and Development (R&D) and is free with TEMPCOMPLY™ subscriptions starting today. TEMPCOMPLY™ Research Studio is designed for use across multiple platforms and in all major languages, to allow R&D and engineering teams real-time collaboration on thermal data collection, analysis, and sharing. In combination with a FLIR thermal imaging camera for science applications, TEMPCOMPLY™ Research Studio provides a solution for R&D teams to build data driven applications quickly for deployment across the enterprise.

TEMPCOMPLY™ Research Studio helps research and development teams work efficiently and productively. Plug-and-play connections with multiple FLIR thermal cameras and a simplified “connect, record, share” workflow allow users to start collaborating. Users can also save their workspace to allow colleagues to view the results and export videos, CSV files, and other third-party formats for sharing and reporting.

  • Real-Time – analyzing live and recorded thermal data and collecting results

  • Multi-Platform – Available for Android, iPhone, Windows, MacOS, or Linux

  • Correlative Research – Record and evaluate data across platforms from smartphone to drones in real time

Rugged & Waterproof For Tough Jobs

Create Amazing TEMPCOMPLY™ Apps In Real-time!

Consider how real-time deployment of smart applications will impact your operations?

We provide tools that help you get work done faster.  The most recent innovation is to push the updates to your wrist.  This provides you a smart watch application that integrates into where you are located and what you are doing.  We put the right data in the the right location at the right time creating more value for your operations.

TEMPCOMPLY™ Power Now On Your Wrist

Innovation in your wrist

We monitor the staff to assure safety with heart rate monitor, fall detection, and real time communications.  This is ideal for farm, field, and warehouse operations where mitigating risk to staff is a top priority.  Additional features are provided from the AI driven geographic tool-set powering updates for managers and staff to move to locations around your company to enhance response times and teamwork.

Connect to Any Smartphone or Smartwatch

It is hear today.  Use our software to communicate from desktop, smartphone, and smartwatch.  Pushing alerts, monitoring operations, improving safety, and saving money is what we do for your food and farm operational environment.  We support Android and iPhone smartphones.

Who Are We

TEMPCOMPLY™ is a division of Technology Exploration Group providing customers with customized and comprehensive leading edge technology solutions.

Application Development Experts  The award winning TEG suite of proprietary technologies and integration processes, combined with our experience and deep understanding of our clients’ needs, enables us to offer a wide range of tailored solutions. Our consulting engineers have decades of development and operations experience.  TEG has been innovating with FLIR technologies since 2013.


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